Lead Abatement in Memphis Metro, TN

Two House Painters in Hazmat Suits Removing Lead Pain From an Old House

Rely On Professionals

Most people are well aware of the dangers of lead poisoning. But when homeowners discover a source of lead in their home, most don’t know how to deal. Though lead paint is no longer used, if your home or commercial property was built before 1978, chances are there is some lead-based paint on your property. Lead abatement is designed to eliminate lead-based paint hazards. Lead abatement is such a serious matter that it is regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This federal agency requires anyone who conducts lead-based paint activities to be certified. Furthermore, the EPA demands at least five days’ notice prior to starting lead abatement activities. Since the lead abatement process is so closely monitored, you can rest assured that if you hire 911 Water Damage Experts, our technicians know what they’re doing and are abiding by federal standards. For assistance with lead abatement in Memphis Metro, TN call us today at (901) 630-4525!

What To Do If Your Property Requires Lead Abatement

Lead-based paints are dangerous, and it’s always best to hire a professional whenever removal is necessary. Professionals have the proper equipment and knowledge to safely and effectively handle cases of lead contamination. 911 Water Damage Experts has successfully handled countless lead abatement in the Memphis Metro, TN projects from small residential homes to large commercial properties. When we receive a request, we will send a team fully equipped with the latest lead-based paint abatement equipment. This includes chemical strippers, recyclable steel shot blasting systems, and HEPA filtered air filtration systems. Once the project is complete, we provide our customers with documentation regarding air sampling, evidence of proper waste disposal, and all applicable permits. You’ll also receive the team members’ EPA-recognized qualifications. This level of follow-through gives our customers peace of mind and ensures them that the lead hazard(s) has/have been removed.

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If you suspect the paint in your home might contain lead, call 911 Water Damage Experts at (901) 630-4525. Not only do we handle lead abatement, but we are also able to test paints to see if they truly pose a risk. Each of our knowledgeable team members can answer any of your questions and help you feel confident and informed during the lead paint removal process. If you or anyone you know needs help with lead issues in the Memphis Metro, TN area or suspects their home or commercial property contains lead-based paint, give us a call at (901) 630-4525. We will come out and test the paint, and if abatement is required, we will walk you through that process from start to finish.