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Water Damage in House After Flooding

We’ll Clear Water Damages

Water extraction and water damage can be one of the most difficult tasks to tackle as a homeowner. Because water follows the path of least resistance, water damage spreads quickly and easily absorbs into porous materials such as wood, sheetrock, and under subfloors. Trapped water and moisture can lead to the development of mold colonies. For that reason, the first few hours after a flood are critical. When you call 911 Water Damage Experts, we’ll send out one of our specialists within 45 minutes for your water cleanup services in Memphis Metro, TN. Upon arrival, we’ll assess the extent of the visible damage. Using advanced technology, we’ll also detect any water hidden in the floors, walls, and ceilings. Following the assessment, our professionals will recommend a remediation plan. Give us a call at (901) 630-4525 for more information.

The Process Behind Our Water Cleanup Services

Depending on the source of the water, unique water cleanup services will be used. Different procedures are followed depending on if the water is clean, gray, or black water. Our experts then work to remove excess water. We complete this step using submersible pumps and industrial wet/dry vacuums. After the excess water has been removed, we will thoroughly dry and dehumidify the compromised area. By manipulating the air temperature and relative humidity, our experts can expel remaining moisture. If necessary, we also use industrial air movers and dehumidifiers. This is a critical step as moisture can cause mold growth, rusted pipes, and other issues. To monitor the drying process, we use advanced technology to check the levels of moisture in the floors and walls.

Our water cleanup services in Memphis Metro, TN also include cleaning and sanitizing. Once the area is sufficiently dried, 911 Water Damage Experts professionals will clean belongings damaged by the water, including upholstery, furniture, and restorable personal items. And because wet materials sometimes have an unpleasant odor, odor removal and deodorization treatments are also part of our water cleanup services. Finally, if there are any items that are unsalvageable, 911 Water Damage Experts professionals will remove and dispose of damaged materials with guidance from the homeowner and the insurance adjuster.

Sofa Chemical Cleaning with Professionally Extraction Method

Reach Out For Help

Coming home to a flooded basement or some other type of water damage can be stressful and overwhelming. But with 911 Water Damage Experts, it doesn’t have to be. With our experts on your side and some of the best water cleanup services in Memphis Metro, TN, you can rest assured that when you hire us, we won’t leave until you’re 100% satisfied. If you’re up to your neck in water and need emergency water cleanup services, don’t hesitate to call us at (901) 630-4525.

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